Welcome to my blog, DSENT FINDS.

Let me introduce myself… I am DSEN. That’s Danielle to most of you. My blog is all about the only thing I feel like i’m really good at – shopping! Online, in store, half-price, sample sale are all terms I use on a daily basis. And I love it!!!

OH HAI! The woman behind the debit card

OH HAI! The woman behind the debit card

I love the thrill of the bargain hunt, the ‘Extra % off sale’ sign in the window raises my adrenaline levels and I can feel the endorphins coursing through my veins when a recently procured item gets a debut showing.

I’m not all shopsessed, I also enjoy trashy British everything, hanging out in the pit at punk shows, my footy (carn the Sharkies!) and a good ol’ shellac-ing at the nail bar.

DSENT FINDS is all about giving you the confidence to find happiness in your purchases. I’m realistic about the fact things are hard for everyone financially, and there’s a lot of juggling to be done if you want to wear the labels. This blog will hopefully give you some insider, shopaholic knowledge to get you the items you lust for at a price you can actually afford, as well as some insider knowledge on upcoming trends and generally cool stuff I see around.

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Danielle x


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I luv the ‘elmo’ u brought to Kenneth’s birthday party. I will buy one for my grand…….. Ha ha. I hope I did not wear it out and Luke has given it back to kenneth

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