Miley Cyrus is Bangerz-ing!

I LOOOOOVE Miley’s new look in W Mag. People think she looks like a scrag, stupid etc…I think she looks amazing, grown up and well, my only criticism? A bit like ke$ha…

But anyway!

She posted these shots on her instagram, and I reckon she’s finally turning that corner from ridiculous-try-hard to ridiculous-edgy. Loved her in the Marc Jacobs campagin (see below) and now I love this W mag shoot too!



Miley Cyrus as the AW14 face of Marc Jacobs  [Pic from Marc Jacobs]

Miley Cyrus as the AW14 face of Marc Jacobs
[Pic from Marc Jacobs]


Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen

They were great mates, but strangely enough Kate Moss never ever posed as the face of Alexander McQueen…until now.

I’m LOVING this new campaign. Mossy looks totes divine (kinda like Tilda Swinton!) and the attention to detail in the SS14 campaign is quintessential McQueen.

It’s a bit cool, a bit quirky and a whole lot dark. The mini-Moss dolls add an eerie, voodoo element to the shoot, which was said to be inspired by 1960’s British Thriller film, Peeping Tom.

What do you think of the new campaign? Is McQueen bang on the money? Kate Moss still got it?

McQueen-Moss-1-Vogue-27Jan14-Steven Klein_b_1440x960 - Copy

McQueen-Moss-2-Vogue-27Jan14-Steven Klein_b_1440x960 - Copy

McQueen-Moss-3-Vogue-27Jan14-Steven Klein_b_1440x960 - Copy

McQueen-Moss-4-Vogue-27Jan14-Steven Klein_b_1440x960 - Copy



McQueen-Moss-8-Vogue-27Jan14-Steven-Klein_b - Copy
[Campaign images by Steven Klein, featuring Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen]

Heart & Soul

Burberry has always been known for it’s iconic check print.

Usually it’s met with divided responses – some think it’s an upmarket, beautifully Brit brand, others stand firm on it’s place in Chav society.

Whether you like it or not, open your mind and check out  the new heart print they’ve bought out this year….I for one, LOVE it.

Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week, 2013

Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week, 2013

I’m calling it now, and suggesting Heart Print is going to be a big trend in the months to come. When researching, I saw a lot of UK and international sites are stocking apparel with the print, but it hasn’t quite come over the seas just yet for us Aussie shoppers.
Never fear though, if you want to wear the print you can shop online for these items to get the look – without spending the big bucks on the Burbs.

heart asos skirt
ASOS Skater Skirt in Heart Print, $29.57 $13.86

heart JPG

Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Tie Fastening Blouse @ FarFetch, USD $406.73

heart fashion union

Black Heart Print Crepe Shift Dress @ Fashion Union, £20

heart vans

Vans Authentic @ ASOS Leather Heart Trainers, $105.36

Happy shopping! x

London Fashion Week gets down to Earth

Fashion Week for me was always super elite. The upper echelons of fash society sip away at their chandon and pass comment on the next genius collection from [insert du jour designer here].

The latest collections which are labelled ‘Ready to Wear’ leave me thinking about how catching the train in the morning wearing such outfits would be a logistical nightmare, and i’m left going ‘Wow, looks cool…but I don’t think I’ll ever get there.’

This year looks to be different, as London Fashion week is set to be more user-friendly and accessible to the general public.

British Fashion Council CEO Caroline Rush says that she is keen to use social media such as FB and Twitter to get people talking about the collections featured which will make the event more consumer-friendly.

“Social media lets you share messages, get it out to broad audiences. It’s a great way to get an instant response, to find out what’s trending.” She said.

LFW is making a great effort to bring the event straight to social media, with a whole heap of bloggers working in conjunction with the event organisers and live streaming of almost 30 runway shows. So, you can check out the shows from where ever you are.

I personally can’t wait for the latest Viv Westwood Red, Temperley London, Stella McCartney and Paul Smith collections to hit the runway!

Do you think it’s a good move to bring LFW to the consumer? What will be your LFW highlight?

How to look like Miranda – Shop Kerr look here!

Miranda, our Aussie darling is never short of a stylish outfit. Whether she is sashaying down the catwalk in next to nothing, or taking her son, Flynn to the park, she always manages to look effortlessly amazing.

I thought I would start a ‘get the look’ type series of posts so I could piece together a whole outfit with the great buys I find online…and to begin, whose style is better to steal than Miranda Kerr’s?

LOOK #1 Elegant chic

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 2.09.30 PM

FROM LEFT (clockwise):

1&20 Blackbirds Leather-Look Zip Back Leggings, $49.95 @ The Iconic

A.L.C Contrast Colour blouse, $419.43 $148.24 @ Intermix

Tony Bianco Casanova Red suede heels, $169.95 $84.98 @ Styletread

Saint Laurent Dark Grey Suede Leather-trimmed Bo shopper tote,  USD $1495 USD $1046 @ SSENSE

Witchery Valerie Sunglasses, $69.95 $39.95 @ Witchery

DKNY Chunky knit cotton cardigan, USD $215 USD $86.36 @Harvey Nichols

LOOK #2 – For the more adventurous fans…

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 2.30.23 PMScreen shot 2013-06-23 at 2.33.19 PM

RIGHT: Australian flag, $19.80 @ Australian Flag Makers 🙂

Enjoy! xx

How to afford your handbag without your Daddy (sugar or otherwise)

Sooooo many people have commented on my spectacularly furnished wardrobe and wondered aloud if I have a sugar daddy lurking in the shadows that I’m not telling them about.

Truth be told – I wish I did!

Wish I had your credit limit, Anna-Nicole!

Wish I had your credit limit, Anna-Nicole!

Who doesn’t want free reign of someone else’s credit card to spend on whatever guilt-free pleasure takes your fancy?

Before you start thinking this blog is all about hooking with up rich, old men for money (I’ll leave that to you, Ashley Madison) let me get to my point: We all want things in life we probably can’t afford…but it’s a matter of how badly we perceive our needs that determines if we give in to our urges or not.

Now, I’ll be frank. I earn pretty much minimum wage. I live with my parents and have barely any savings and yet still find myself with an overstuffed wardrobe filled to the gills with clothes and shoes and bags I shouldn’t be able to afford.

But it makes me happy. 🙂

In that way, I’m your typical fash-slave. (READ: my fabulous jacket is Sass&Bide, and my killer jellies are from my main man Ferragamo, but I actually can’t afford to eat…which- HEY! Sometimes isn’t always a bad thing…)

Let's face it - the Ferra's are bitchin'

Let’s face it – the Ferra’s are bitchin’

The point of dsent finds is to show all y’all naysayers that you can in fact have a life, be on trend and still afford those designer brands on a smaller budget. Creating your own personal ‘look’ is about finding your own style and rocking it. I want to inspire you to invest in those pieces and show you that it’s attainable if you shop smart.

You might be a staple-skirt-from-Kmart kinda girl and yearn to be head to toe in Hermés. I’d like to think I could get you on your way to being there with some savvy advice (actually, Hermés on Hermés? Wouldya?) But you get where I’m going with this…

...and it's not there.Daniella Westbrook slaughters Burberry

…and it’s not there.
    Daniella Westbrook slaughters Burberry

Here you’ll find shopping site reviews, tips, online deals, trends, advice on wardrobe staples and tales from my very own personal experiences. Hope you enjoy and happy shopping!

Danielle x