Dsent Nails

It’s true what they say! Once you shellac, you never go back.

I used to put no real importance on nails. At school they had to be without polish, and then, as I grew up there was never enough time to get in a good polish before a night out. There was always an extra section of hair to be straightened or a smoky eye to perfect.

My good friend and artistic friend, Karen, introduced me to the world of shellac, and WOW! Did my life dramatically improve? HELL YES.

I think I was always turned off by the chipping, the application and just general laziness when it comes to DIY. I found an AMAZING place in the CBD that caters to every nail nuance, and I’ve never looked back.

I thought I would dedicate this space to showing off some of my colour schemes, trends and some cool nail inspo I find, in the hope it will give you ideas. Oh, and I’d love to know what nail trends your rocking! Send them through to dsentfinds@gmail.com and i’ll post them on here for everyone to see! 🙂


friend of mine went through a stage where everything he bought was black or grey with fluro yellow touches.

Shoes, sunglasses, boardshorts…the list went on. So much so, that the fluro started to creep into my wardrobe, and before you knew it, I had the nails to match his wardrobe.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever give fluro a whirl? x


Neon brights flanking an asphalt grey


Bright, cool hues for a weekend away


Deep blue with some serious glitter!


TOY STORY nails for a TOY STORY birthday party


My first attempt at gradation, very cool!


Matching gradation!


Kazza’s FAVE pink and some special gel glitter


Tiffany inspired!


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