The devil wears Prada…(and probably shops at

One of my favourite shopping sites for discounted, brand new high end bags and shoes is

Reebonz and I have a brilliant love affair. It delivers the most delicious designer bags and shoes to my email every day, and I never fail to click through.

I’ve bought a LOT from Reebonz. Their prices are excellent and the constant rotation of brands and products means you are always on trend. The site hosts invitation-only private sale events, each open for just a few days at a time, so you have to act quickly!


The site stocks so many designers including Prada, Gucci, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Chloe, YSL… and the list goes on. They have recently launched a vintage section with Chanel and Hermes goods that is worth a look, too!

Everything is in brand new condition unless otherwise stated and the products and just so lushhhh.

The daily EDM email delivered to your inbox can be so dangerous(ly awesome!) and gives you a wrap up of all their products, and an app for Android and iPhone makes browsing from your smart phone super easy!


Reebonz is a discount site so the bags are always on sale. Prices are so affordable because most of this merchandize is from a past season (but I am still seeing the Kate Spade messenger bag I bought last week in David Jones).

Despite the already discounted prices, they often hold promotions and incentives for their customers that make your transaction a no-brainer. These promos are pretty good, and include bonus credits to your account and extra percentages off items.

If you’re a tactile shopper, they hold an offline sale every so often in Sydney and Melbourne. Last time I was at one of those I bagged myself a Prada handbag! The crowds are big, but the sale is well laid out and usually held at the Sheraton on the Park hotel in Sydney, and the Intercontinental in Melbourne.


So, you can imagine my sheer delight when they announced they’d be opening a Sydney flagship store at 570 George St, Sydney on April 18, 2013!!!

I was so excited. I looked forward to it for days, weeks even. My shopping partner in crime, Karen and myself even stalked the site a week before opening.

A sneak peek of the store…one week to go!

They offered a promo for the opening day of sale, a lucky door dip that gave 50 lucky winners the chance to purchase a bag from a selected range at 99% off!

WHATTA DEAL…if you can get it.

But sadly, I have to say I was disappointed. And not because I missed out on a bag for $14.90…

The experience just wasn’t the same you’d expect from buying designer items. I mean, I’m not saying that I expected the sale to be calm and the service to be at the standard found in a concession store, but even the one-off offline sales are more upmarket.

Bags were strewn everywhere, little children were pushing me and running around, and I was just really turned off by the whole thing. There was nothing special about making a purchase because the store was heaving and claustrophobic. I mean, the store will be there tomorrow…and the day after… so just chill out peeps!

It was a reminder why I love to shop online…no mess and no fuss.

You’d think all the bags were 99% off with this mobscene


I have always had a 100% hit rate with Reebonz and have never needed to use their returns facility, but it is seems to be quite simple.

For incorrect or defective items shipped, you have 14 days to return the item in its original purchase condition, including the original product packaging, containers, documentation, warranty cards, manuals etc. The site doesn’t exactly go into the details for change of mind, so it remains to be seen if they offer that.

Shipping is free, fedEx tracked and generally FANTASTIC! It arrives within the week in a beautiful box, dressed with a gold ribbon that makes you feel very special and expensive. The shopping experience is seamless and I strongly recommend this site when you’re next in the market for a bag or a pair of shoes.

Shop the sales HERE! And if you need an invitation, let me know and I’ll send it your way! x

How to afford your handbag without your Daddy (sugar or otherwise)

Sooooo many people have commented on my spectacularly furnished wardrobe and wondered aloud if I have a sugar daddy lurking in the shadows that I’m not telling them about.

Truth be told – I wish I did!

Wish I had your credit limit, Anna-Nicole!

Wish I had your credit limit, Anna-Nicole!

Who doesn’t want free reign of someone else’s credit card to spend on whatever guilt-free pleasure takes your fancy?

Before you start thinking this blog is all about hooking with up rich, old men for money (I’ll leave that to you, Ashley Madison) let me get to my point: We all want things in life we probably can’t afford…but it’s a matter of how badly we perceive our needs that determines if we give in to our urges or not.

Now, I’ll be frank. I earn pretty much minimum wage. I live with my parents and have barely any savings and yet still find myself with an overstuffed wardrobe filled to the gills with clothes and shoes and bags I shouldn’t be able to afford.

But it makes me happy. 🙂

In that way, I’m your typical fash-slave. (READ: my fabulous jacket is Sass&Bide, and my killer jellies are from my main man Ferragamo, but I actually can’t afford to eat…which- HEY! Sometimes isn’t always a bad thing…)

Let's face it - the Ferra's are bitchin'

Let’s face it – the Ferra’s are bitchin’

The point of dsent finds is to show all y’all naysayers that you can in fact have a life, be on trend and still afford those designer brands on a smaller budget. Creating your own personal ‘look’ is about finding your own style and rocking it. I want to inspire you to invest in those pieces and show you that it’s attainable if you shop smart.

You might be a staple-skirt-from-Kmart kinda girl and yearn to be head to toe in Hermés. I’d like to think I could get you on your way to being there with some savvy advice (actually, Hermés on Hermés? Wouldya?) But you get where I’m going with this…

...and it's not there.Daniella Westbrook slaughters Burberry

…and it’s not there.
    Daniella Westbrook slaughters Burberry

Here you’ll find shopping site reviews, tips, online deals, trends, advice on wardrobe staples and tales from my very own personal experiences. Hope you enjoy and happy shopping!

Danielle x