So you might have seen my post about Net-A-Porter‘s amaze sale (if you didn’t you can catch up HERE)…

They now have a further 20% off sale stock! there are garments 80%off with a further 20% off…so that comes down to like, super super, SUPER cheap.

Have a look – I’ve already hit up my credit card to get those things I missed out on in round one!

final clearance


David Jones EXTRA 25% off fashion!

I know what I will be doing in my lunch break.

I’ve recently moved offices and I am a WHOLE lot closer to the Sydney shopping Mecca that is Pitt St Mall & Sydney Westfield.

(Cue squeals of excited glee!)

It’s so easy, quick, dangerous… I can see the silver parts on my credit card eroding with constant use!

Imagine my delight, when I received this EDM yesterday:


There are a few things I’ve been noticing when browsing in store, and was waiting for an opportunity like this for a real bargain to be had.
It can be a risky venture, your prized item can sell out, or on the flip side, you could score it for an even bigger bargs if you pay the waiting game. Comparing the online sale to the in store stock is always tricky too, and usually not as good as the tactile sale experience in most department stores, but DJ’s have really stepped it up! There’s so much to view online, so don’t fret if you can’t make it in store before Sunday. (Free online shipping over $50 to Aussie residents!!)

Here is my guide to the sale, the best in show in each apparel and accessory category – and conveniently you can shop this as an entire outfit! 🙂

Happy shopping! And do let me know if you’ve had a sales success! xx



Diane von Furstenberg Short Sleeve Printed Tee, $89.95 $59.00

quilted skirt

Nicholas Quilted Knit Pencil Skirt, $250.00 $125.00


Marc Jacobs Small Antonia $1725.00 $862.50


ksubi Bellatrix Sunglasses, $249 $174.30


Jimmy Choo Taste Suede Fishwire Trim Sandal, $1255.00 $878.50

[pics from David Jones]

Jimmy Choo End of year clearance!

Sydney-siders get your skates on!

The Jimmy Choo clearance sale (up to 80% OFF!!!!) is on next week in the heart of our fine city.

Details below:



If the Choo fits…

Uh oh!

I have to admit that I’m having serious difficulties with my self control lately…either that, or the bargains are just too good to be missed.

My girlfriends and I had a moment yesterday where we hit David Jones and in about 20 mins, we were each carrying a bag with a new shoe purchase inside.

I got a ripper of a bargain!

A $1500 pair of Jimmy Choo open toe suede booties was marked down to $750, with an extra 25% off.

I’m sorry? $562 for a pair of signature JC’s? I couldn’t unzip my wallet fast enough!


IT’S A SHOE! The gals at the office checking out my new purchase

 If you can’t get to DJ’s for the extra 25% off a selected range of sale items (it ends on Sunday) the online component is just as good.

I found these versatile open toe booties at the sale too, and was so excited to find them online.

Perfect for all seasons, these booties can be worn with almost anything and look great against a bare leg as well as trousers. I tried them on and they were so comfortable, the soft suede makes them a dream to walk in and they mould to your foot after a few wears.

I’m a huge fan of this style. In fact, I’m wearing the Nine West equivalent as we speak.



PRICE: AUD$1425, AUD$855, AUD$641.25 (65% OFF! A saving of $783.75!)

You can snap up a true bargain HERE, but hurry, as the extra 25% off (the real incentive) ends Sunday. Just enter code EXTRA25 at the checkout.

[Pics from & Naomi Foxall]