So you might have seen my post about Net-A-Porter‘s amaze sale (if you didn’t you can catch up HERE)…

They now have a further 20% off sale stock! there are garments 80%off with a further 20% off…so that comes down to like, super super, SUPER cheap.

Have a look – I’ve already hit up my credit card to get those things I missed out on in round one!

final clearance


Sass&Bide warehouse sale SYDNEY!


It’s that magical time again. I feel I would be doing everyone a fashion injustice by not posting about the totes-amazeballs sass&bide warehouse sale on this week in Sydney.

Held at the Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios, this is a fantastic opportunity to pick up some fabulous pieces at heavily discounted prices.

I don’t love warehouse sales, but this one is as good as they come. it’s more evolved than the usual warehouse sale, in that it gives you the choice of paying with cash, eftpos and most credit cards. There’s plenty of space, staff, one giant, communal change room (I can deal with this, what I can’t deal with is all the thrown around couture littering the floor. Goes against my religion.) and suuuch a vast range of items you would be mad not to miss it.

Check the flyer below, and more importantly, check the sale this weekend. I’d love to see what you scored!


How to afford your handbag without your Daddy (sugar or otherwise)

Sooooo many people have commented on my spectacularly furnished wardrobe and wondered aloud if I have a sugar daddy lurking in the shadows that I’m not telling them about.

Truth be told – I wish I did!

Wish I had your credit limit, Anna-Nicole!

Wish I had your credit limit, Anna-Nicole!

Who doesn’t want free reign of someone else’s credit card to spend on whatever guilt-free pleasure takes your fancy?

Before you start thinking this blog is all about hooking with up rich, old men for money (I’ll leave that to you, Ashley Madison) let me get to my point: We all want things in life we probably can’t afford…but it’s a matter of how badly we perceive our needs that determines if we give in to our urges or not.

Now, I’ll be frank. I earn pretty much minimum wage. I live with my parents and have barely any savings and yet still find myself with an overstuffed wardrobe filled to the gills with clothes and shoes and bags I shouldn’t be able to afford.

But it makes me happy. 🙂

In that way, I’m your typical fash-slave. (READ: my fabulous jacket is Sass&Bide, and my killer jellies are from my main man Ferragamo, but I actually can’t afford to eat…which- HEY! Sometimes isn’t always a bad thing…)

Let's face it - the Ferra's are bitchin'

Let’s face it – the Ferra’s are bitchin’

The point of dsent finds is to show all y’all naysayers that you can in fact have a life, be on trend and still afford those designer brands on a smaller budget. Creating your own personal ‘look’ is about finding your own style and rocking it. I want to inspire you to invest in those pieces and show you that it’s attainable if you shop smart.

You might be a staple-skirt-from-Kmart kinda girl and yearn to be head to toe in Hermés. I’d like to think I could get you on your way to being there with some savvy advice (actually, Hermés on Hermés? Wouldya?) But you get where I’m going with this…

...and it's not there.Daniella Westbrook slaughters Burberry

…and it’s not there.
    Daniella Westbrook slaughters Burberry

Here you’ll find shopping site reviews, tips, online deals, trends, advice on wardrobe staples and tales from my very own personal experiences. Hope you enjoy and happy shopping!

Danielle x